Stormwater Filter Media Replacement

Media Filtration Systems are often the most expensive type of unit to maintain in the storm water world.  Here at Stormwater Industries, we have developed efficient techniques of maintenance and media replacement to significantly reduce the cost of this service.  We have been trained by many of the manufacturers of the media filtration units and can solve just about any problem that may arise.  We offer a Media Filtration Unit Annual Service Package that allows us to monitor the unit year round and only perform services as they are needed.  Instead of replacing the media on a routine basis, something that can be very expensive, we inspect the media every six months and only replace It when it is fully saturated.  This extends the media replacement intervals saving our clients thousands and thousands of dollars.  Also, we offer vacuum services to remove trash, sediment, and debris in order to keep the unit in compliance and extend the life of the media.

Filter Media ReplacementUnsure of what type of Media Filtration Unit you have or what the current condition of it is?  We offer a free initial inspection that will determine when you will need the media to be replaced, how much it will be when that does happen, and what the best option to get back into and stay compliance would be.  Most companies charge up to $750.00 for the same inspection.  We do it for free to show you that we are on your team.  We prove it to you by saving you several hundreds of dollars right off the bat!  Call us today for your free inspection.