CL/CDS Cleaning

Stormwater Industries provides Vacuum Services to clean all types of Storm Water Clarifiers, CDS Units, Hydrodynamic Separators, etc.  All of our crews are Confined Space Certified and trained in all the different techniques to properly service any underground storm water system.  Safety is paramount to our company so you can rest assure that our crews will perform the job safely and effectively.  Here are Stormwater Industries, we don’t perform shoddy service.  Many companies will simply show up, open the manhole lid and pump out the water.  They will not enter the unit and properly clean out the trash and sediment which is the most important part of the service.  Time and time again, we have been called out to clean a unit that a lesser company failed to clean properly.

Don’t be fooled by a cheap price, if its too cheap to be true, it is!  In order to clean out an underground unit properly and achieve regulatory compliance, you have to enter the unit, period!  At Stormwater Industries, given the atmospheric conditions inside the unit is safe, we perform entries on all units we service to ensure the job gets done right.  We physically get down into the unit and get all the sediment and trash out of ever nook and crannie, leaving your unit clean and maximizing the time between needed services.  We also offer Annual Service Programs to make compliance easy for you.  This program allows us to inspect the unit on a regular basis and only clean it out when it meets the regulatory threshold for service.

Not sure what the condition of your underground unit is?  Call us today and we will perform an on site inspection to determine the exact condition of the unit, if it need service, and how much it will be cost to clean it out if it does.  Typically, storm water companies will charge as much as $750.00 for the same inspection.  We do It for free in order to save you money and show you that we are committed to our clients!  Call today for a free estimate.