1) How do I know if my site is meeting storm water mangement services:

If your site was built since the year 2000 and fits into any of the following categories referred to.  For example: shopping centers, business parks, apartment complexes/HOA’s etc… for more info please call.

2) Does Stormwater Industries install and maintain filters?

Yes, we provide a wide range of products and services to meet any storm water related needs.

3) What are the costs of having Stormwater Industries.

Part of the free inspections is to accurately determine what your costs for storm water management will be.

4) What are the government requirements for storm water management?

Requirements vary from site to site.please contact us for free evaluation to determine your specific site requirements.

5) What are the fines for non compliance?

Fines vary, but can be as high as $5000 per day and loss of occupancy of site/building.