Here at Stormwater Industries we are very proud of our Adopt a Drain Program. Unlike other Adopt A Drain programs which focus on simply cleaning out basins, Stormwater Industries program installs a filter into otherwise empty basins. This adds filtration and prevents trash, sediment, and a wide variety of pollutants from entering our watershed. Each basin that is sponsored under our program would be a basin that would otherwise allow all of those pollutants to go directly into our waters. Our lakes, streams, rivers, and ultimately the ocean receive millions and millions of pounds of pollution from drains that were built prior to any requirement for filtration. Espescially in counties like Los Angeles and Ventura where the vast majority of development is twenty years old or older, literally thousands of drains are out there with nothing in them to prevent runoff pollution. That’s what makes this program so great. It’s a tool that allows us to address this huge problem.

Think of it as a preemptive beach cleanup where instead of waiting for the trash to get to the beach, we stop it at the source! What’s in it for you, you ask? In return for helping clean up our waterways, we provide our sponsors with as much material as we can to help display their contribution. Every year we give them a full report of how their contribution has helped. This is a very visual problem in that when we service these filters, we get huge piles of trash, sludge, and debris that would have otherwise gone straight to our water. We weigh the piles of pollution and take photographs and at the end of the year we compile all of that information into a report (click here for a sample report). That information can be broadcast on the sponsor marketing materials, website, television ads, etc.

Nothing speaks better about a companies contribution to the environment than pictures of hundreds of pounds of nasty sludge and trash that they were responsible from removing from the environment. Additionally, we stencil each basin with the sponsors name and allow the Adopt A Drain Participant Logo to be used anywhere our sponsors see fit. Call today to sponsor a basin and help us win the fight for clean water ways. Basin sponsorship starts as low as $175.00 per year, less than $15.00 per month, and you will literally remove hundreds of pounds of pollution from our environment.

  • Very beneficial for the environment, removes trash sediments, chemical, metals, grease etc. from storm water.
  • Storm drains are not sent to treatment plants,  what goes in goes straight into oceans
  • Very visual, literally see hundreds of pollutants per year per filter
  • Program targets drains that would otherwise remain unfiltered
  • Adds to a company’s repertoire of green practices (so as we get our first major we’ll add them to site)
  • 1 filter removes more than 1 person spending 7 full days of beach cleaning per year  1 day beach cleanup removes approx. 25 lbs. – Black Widow removes approx 175 lbs/ year of trash and debris