Stormwater Industries, Inc. was founded upon the vision of aiding municipalities and property owners with the difficult task of reducing the amount of pollution that enters into the storm drains and eventually into our oceans. We are an accredited and hall of fame business with the Better Business Bureau of the United States.  Also, we operate under a Class A General Engineering License, our license number is 947999.

We have been in the storm water management industry for five years, though we may be considered a young business, we have made giant leaps in the growth process. In the time that has passed since we first opened our doors we have successfully designed multiple filters that are proven to supersede our competitors in quality, effectiveness, and price. Our experienced, friendly and knowledgeable field staff is focused on the proper installation and maintenance of all products. We are focused to continually meet all of the requests and expectations of our customers, as we understand that each is unique in their own way.